The Rednock Alumni

Over the past few months we have been exploring the possibility of creating a Rednock Alumni which we are planning to launch in the Autumn of 2016.

Early enquiries through social media have shown that there is a real desire for such an organisation to be created to enable former pupils and staff to keep in touch, hold reunions and be informed of changes and developments that take place in their old school. There is also a desire to support the school by inspiring younger generations of Rednock pupils through sharing their career progression and successes. Other benefits could be a wider set of contacts to help develop your careers in the future, this has been proven with other school alumni all over the country.

This will be an association of former Rednock pupils, teachers and staff with a view to establishing a community and network of people call “Rednock Alumni”. We are planning to design and produce an Alumni polo shirt and lapel badge.

If you are interested in joining the Rednock Alumni, please can you register using the link below.

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