ICT Agreement


All students sign to agree this on starting at Rednock School

Use of the Network:

1. I will not

a) enter any school computer room unsupervised at any time;

b) turn computers on or off without permission at any time;

c) disclose my password to other students;

d) use other students’ passwords or interfere with other users’ work in any way or try to bypass the school’s security systems;

e) upload software to the school’s network, nor attempt to change the settings of any computer equipment, nor use any games CDs on school computers;

f) remove cables, keyboards or mice from any computers, nor encourage others to do so.

2. I understand that all activity on the network and internet is recorded and that the administrator and teachers have the right to view my files and may disable my network account.

3. I will use the computers only for schoolwork and treat the computer furniture with respect.

The Internet and Email:

1. I understand that access

a) is a privilege and requires responsible behaviour;

b) to the Internet must be directly related to my school work.

2. I will not

a) attempt to shop online nor try to download files that are unsuitable for school use such as any material of a violent, dangerous, racist or inappropriate sexual nature, or music or video files;

b) disclose my name, address or other personal details on the Internet without direct permission from a teacher;

c) transport or store via email, games or other software or data on school computers.

3. When sending messages using email (used for authorised schoolwork only) or around the school computer network, I will not send any offensive messages or pictures to anyone and I will ensure that the language I use will be polite and inoffensive.

4. I will report (in confidence) any unpleasant material or message(s) sent to me.


1. I understand that

a) all teachers and support staff will monitor and enforce this policy;

b) evidence of serious inappropriate computer use resulting in a ban or reduced access will be sent to my parents / carers and recorded on my behaviour record.  Where appropriate, police or local authorities, E-Safety Officer and the Designated Safeguarding Lead may be involved;

c) I am liable for any wilful damage to equipment and parents / carers will be sent a bill for the cost of any repairs.

Parent / Carer:

As the parent or carer of the student, I grant permission for my child to have access to an educationally filtered version of the Internet and to use email as and when appropriate.