Careers advice and guidance

At Rednock, we understand that it is very very important you can access the latest and most relevant information that will help you to plan your future. This help starts with deciding which courses are best for you and preparing for the soft skills required for the application process to go on to college or university, as well as applying for part-time jobs, apprenticeships or a full-time job. It is a tough market out there and at Rednock we want to make sure that you have the edge over your competitors.

In order to achieve this we have developed a programme of lessons, focus days (DLD) and extra curricular opportunities such as exhibitions as well as a vast variety of online resources to help you achieve your future.

Month Activity
September Employability skills day
Visit to the University of Gloucestershire
UCAS Application for Year 13 (Continuing until January)
October Yes2Jobs Exhibition
1:1 Careers Inverviews (Continuing until April)
November Ambitions Careers Event
January UCAS Application End
February Careers Talks (Continuing until May)
March Skills Fest Exhibition
April 1:1 Careers Interviews End
May Careers Talks End
June Year 12 Work Experience
July Year 12 Futures Day
Year 10 Work Experience
Careers Resources from the LRC
  • Careers Library Section
  • HEAPS 2014
  • HEAPS 2015
  • Careers Books 2013/2014/2015
  • Impartial IAG interviews offered by Stroud Careers Service
  • Morrissby Psychometric testing
  • Online Employability Skills Short Course
  • 6th Form Employability Pathway
Careers and job ideas

Not sure what you want to do? These websites should help you explore different career paths.

National Careers Service

Job profiles on this site provide information about specific jobs/sectors, entry requirement, skills required, salary information etc.

Fast Tomato Careers Tool

Free trial available, useful quiz to help you get started on your career ideas.

WOW Gloucestershire

Information about the world of work in Gloucestershire. Useful sector fact sheets on different career sectors. Some information about the local job market.


An online careers film and video library. Lots of case studies and video clips of real people doing different jobs.


Need inspiration for your career? iCould includes 1000 films of personal career stories, across many occupations. There is an option to search by subject area. Use the careers wizard by answering 5 questions to view articles and videos about careers that might suit you.

Career Pilot

Explore different job sectors and how you can study and work at the same time – even to university level. Information about vocational qualifications, plus the top 20 apprenticeship vacancies in the South West.

Careers World

Produce a magazine each term. Previously the Regional Training Prospectus. Now covers general careers info, local training providers and info and sector specific information.

Key Contacts

Mr. T J Justice, Rednock School, Head of CEIAG

Mrs. G Blackburn, Stroud Careers Service, Advice and Guidance

Mrs. L Wright, 6th Form Administration