The hot sun has disappeared and so we are all back wearing ties.  It’s a relief that we are not sweltering in the summer heat.  It also reminds me that all years will be wearing the uniform with the Rednock School logo on it from September 2017.  We have noticed how smart the current Year 10 and Year 7 students look and so cannot wait for the photographs of the students in their new uniform, in September.

With a few weeks to go, the anxious wait for the examination results for students, parents and staff begins.  I often think that it is harder for parents than anyone else.  You have to experience the pressure first hand and cope with all of the stress without being able to take action yourself, except to offer support.  I sincerely hope that the results are as good as you would want them to be for your children.  They have worked hard this year and the staff have put in extra hours after school, even in the holidays to prepare them for this new set of examinations.  At GCSE, English and Maths will be reported with the new 1 – 9 scales and the other subjects will be using the grades A* – G.  Nine is the highest mark and one the lowest.  A four is broadly being compared to a C grade.  For most other subjects – including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, French, Spanish, Religious Education, Geography, History and Music – the new grades will be awarded from the summer of 2018.

Our 6th Form Induction Day (28th June) is full, the students are keen to return – both for the academic success which the school achieves at this level (top 25% for progress nationally) and for the part that they can play in the running of the school, such as volunteering in the community.  We are all excited by the challenges ahead and by the eagerness of the students.

David Alexander, Head Teacher