Dear Parents / Carers

I feel that I must apologise for any confusion over the uniform with the logo on it.  My previous blog stated that we anticipated that everyone would be wearing the logo uniform.

However, Year 8 going into Year 9 in September 2017, do have one more year before they too will wear the logo uniform (unless you decide that your child will wear it).

  • Year 6 moving into Year 7 – logo uniform
  • Year 7 moving into Year 8 – logo uniform (already wearing it)
  • Year 8 moving into Year 9 – current uniform (without logo; when they move into Year 10 in September 2018, they will be wearing the logo uniform)
  • Year 9 moving into Year 10 – logo uniform
  • Year 10 moving into Year 11 – logo uniform (already wearing it)

I do hope that this clarifies things and my sincere apologies if my blog was confusing.

David Alexander, Head Teacher

KS3 Uniform Guide (Please click for confirmation of the KS3 uniform)

KS4 Uniform Guide (Please click for confirmation of the KS4 uniform)