Congratulations to those who have met the criteria for the rewards trips!  We hope you will enjoy the day.

You do not need to wear uniform for these trips!

You should arrive at school at the following times:

  • Drayton Manor Trip: 7.50am for departure at 8.00am; return to school at 6.30pm
  • Longleat Trip: 8.00am for departure at 8.10am; return to school by 3.45pm

Parents – polite request – please do not block the car park and prevent coaches from getting into the car park at the start of the day; this would delay our departure!  Also, please do not park in the coach bay at the end of the day, when you collect your son / daughter, or coaches will not be able to drop off!!

Please consider the weather – if it is wet then rain proof jackets will be needed; if hot, then please bring sun screen.

Students may want to bring some spending money e.g. for lunch (approximately £8 will get a meal deal).

Students are allowed to bring phones, MP3 players etc, however they remain the responsibility of the student, not the responsibility of the school if lost or stolen!

Students – if you are not at your coach by the times stated above, then we will assume that you are not coming on the trip and you should attend school as normal that day.

Make sure you know which coach you are on – you need to sign up on Year Notice Boards (no sign up required for the Longleat trip – one coach only).

Please note: no-one is allowed to change coaches!!