Rednock School now uses a new parent portal called ‘EduLink One’, which we intend to replace the ‘MyEd’ app and other external applications we currently have in place, consolidating various functions into a single app.

EduLink One is a web and app-based application that integrates different systems into one single solution. Through a secure system, you can access a wide range of information relating to your child, including:

• Viewing your child’s timetables, achievement and behaviour records;

• Viewing attendance information and the ability to report absences to us;

• Instant access to student reports and exam timetables;

• Accessing links to useful school resources and our website;

• Receiving notification messages and the ability to communicate with your child’s teachers from within the app.

We will be looking to implement more features in the future. These could include Cashless Catering, Clubs, Homework Management, Forms & Surveys, and Parents Evening Appointment Booking all within the single app.

Parent/Carer User Guide – Please click here to find a basic user guide that can be downloaded to help navigate around the platform.

EduLink Demo – Please click here to view a demo to see the app in action.

Terms and Conditions – We include the Terms and Conditions here.