Enrichment at Rednock Sixth Form is a key part of the 6th Form experience. Most of the enrichment programme takes place during the afternoon tutor time each day and a one-hour session every fortnight. It is facilitated by our team of experienced tutors and 6th Form teachers. Our aim is to ensure that every student has a programme of study that prepares them for adult life, employment and university. It also gives students the opportunity to contribute to the wider community through mentoring, running clubs and setting up their own societies.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

This is an AS qualification that universities and employers value because it helps you to demonstrate planning, research, presentation and reflection skills. You decide what your project will be about and the end product can be anything from a formal research paper to a computer game, a piece of art, even a performance!

“…some A Level students may choose to offer the Extended Project. In such cases some admissions tutors may make two alternative offers, one of which involves success in the Extended Project(e.g. either AAA at A Level or AAB at A Level plus Extended Project)” University of Bristol

  • 100% coursework
  • An A* gives you 70 UCAS points
  • Start in September and complete by the end of February

“For students presenting A-levels, UCL will be accepting a pass in the Extended Project as an alternative to the need to offer a pass in a fourth subject at AS level.” UCL (University College London)

Level 2 Community Sports Leadership Award (CSL) is a nationally recognised qualification that enables successful candidates to independently lead small groups of people in sport and recreational activities, and teaches leadership skills such as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport.

  • No final examinations

Involves at least 10 hours of voluntary work with children in sport or physical activities and includes a First Aid course and qualification.

Tutor Programme
  • Start or join a club
  • Get involved in helping out with main school tutor groups
  • Watch a TED talk
  • Contribute to our VESPA programme:


How well do you know what you want to achieve?


How many hours of independent study do you put in per week?


How do you organise your learning time?


What kind of work do you do to practice your skills?


How do you respond to set-backs?

Enrichment Programme
  • Events such as the annual ‘Question Time’ session with all prospective and current MPs
  • Competitions such as our ‘Ready Steady Cook’ programme and the Christmas Fayre
  • Speakers on current issues such as sustainability, the media, eSafety, Drugs and Alcohol.
Work Experience and Volunteering
  • All students are expected and supported in undertaking meaningful work experience and/or volunteering