MyTutor is an organisation that provides online tutoring in a range of subjects. These online tuition sessions can be accessed through any laptop, PC or tablet device. Tuition sessions can take place in school or at home and timings are flexible to fit to need.

Online tuition sessions are conducted with professional tutors, often university graduates who have strong subject knowledge and who’ve gone through a rigorous interview and selection process. For safeguarding purposes no student details – other than first name – are shared with the tutors. Tutors are not informed of which school students attend.

The online platform allows the tutor and student to see each other via video link and there is a shared interactive space like a whiteboard which supports the tuition. Both the student and the tutor can write/draw in this space. All tuition sessions are recorded and students can watch these back for revision purposes.

You may wish to look at the following link which sets out how the online platform helps to deliver the tuition sessions:

If you’ve been selected to receive MyTutor sessions follow the guidance below

Your tutor will make contact with you before the first session to introduce themselves. This will be via your school email address.

For the tuition sessions you will need to be using a laptop, PC of tablet with an active webcam to get the most out of the session. Make sure the microphone is active. It’s also best to be sitting down at a desk or table for the session.

Please note the following key steps to ‘attend’ the tuition session:

1. Ensure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers or Safari if you are on an iPad.

2. Login at least 5 minutes early so that you are ready.

3. Click the blue ‘Launch’ button. If this button is grey, you just need to refresh the page.

4. You will then have to click through a variety of tests for your computer. You must ‘Allow’ access to the microphone and webcam. You can turn these off in the lesson space if you don’t want your camera on, but you MUST ‘Allow’ access during the tests otherwise it causes connection issues.

5. Ensure that you have paper, pens and equipment you might need.

6. Be polite and get working!

7. If a tutor doesn’t arrive, you might be given a cover tutor after 5 or so minutes. Please stay put in the lesson space and you’ll be automatically matched with the new tutor.

8. If things don’t seem right, click ‘Refresh’ at the top of the screen to reload the page.

You should have received your username and password details along with a reminder of the day and time of your tuition sessions. If you’ve forgotten these or have issues with logging in please contact Mr Cheeseman – [email protected]

WEBSITE: (you must use this link as it takes you to the correct page)

The links here are also important to visit:

Video of the MyTutor lesson space

Welcome Presentation