Practical Information

When schools, parents and carers share information, everyone has a really good understanding of how they can help children to learn.  Communicating with each other and sharing information enables you, your child and the school to work together as partners in your child’s education. The better the information you receive and the more information you can share with the school, the better you can support your child’s learning – and so can the school, helping your child to feel confident, happy and thus improving their chance of success.

ABSENCE – Unexpected

On the first day of your child’s absence, please telephone 01453 540755 or text 07943 108483. Leave details of your child’s name, tutor group, reason for absence and expected duration. You should continue to contact the school with the above information for every day your child is not attending school.  When your child returns, please send a note with them to their Tutor confirming the reason for the absence and date.

If the absence is expected to be long term, please contact your child’s Community Leader to discuss what can be done to support learning and your child’s return to school.


We expect Rednock students to attend school 100% of the time.  Good attendance maximises your child’s chances of success in their learning. Registers are taken during morning and afternoon registration and at the start of every lesson during the day.  Registration is used for a variety of reasons which include Fire Safety, Truancy, Government Legislation and internal school reports.


Please see the Transport page of our website.


Messages can be left at Reception or the Office and these will be emailed or distributed to staff trays regularly throughout the day.  Staff will normally check their emails and trays daily.  In case of emergency the relevant person will be contacted immediately. Most staff have a voicemail facility and Reception Staff will direct you to this, if required.

Staff can also be contacted via the Admin Email address; [email protected]

Please note that due to teaching commitments, staff are not always able to respond immediately, although they will normally make contact within 48 hours.


The school follows the National Curriculum for England.


The school has a system of Rewards and Consequences, details of which are displayed in every classroom and in the Behaviour Policy.


The Behaviour Policy sets out the standards of behaviour that we expect around school.  If your child’s behaviour falls below these standards then they may be issued with an after school detention.

For a detention that is to take place out of normal school hours, the school will notify you by  email | text so that travel arrangements can be made.  You will be told why the detention was given and for how long your child will have to stay at school.


You should drop your child (ren) off outside the school site at a convenient and safe place.  We wish to restrict the number of vehicles entering the school site at this busy time so that all students remain safe.  Please refrain from dropping off or doing a “U” turn in the entrances.


In the unlikely event of school closure due to heavy snowfall or some other unforeseen occurrence, the school will communicate the closure quickly and clearly with parents via the following channels:

Gloucestershire County Council website –
Rednock School website
Facebook –
Twitter – @rednock_school
BBC Radio Gloucester – 104.7FM
Heart Radio Station – 102.4FM
Text | Email Alerts


The school normally closes at lunchtime on the last day of the Christmas Term and also on the last day of the Summer Term.


The school supports the Equality Act 2010 and we strive to make all our procedures compliant with the Equality Duty. School policies are available here


If you are in receipt of Income Support or certain other allowances, there may be an entitlement to free meals, school transport, etc.  Current guidelines are available to view at: or contact Gloucestershire County Council on 01452 425000.


The school has a number of first aid trained staff on hand for emergencies at school.  We do not however, have a medically trained professional or qualified nurse on site and parents are asked to keep their children at home if they are poorly at the start of a school day and / or seek medical attention from their own GP if children are suffering from an ongoing medical condition.

The First Aiders can only administer First Aid.  That means that they will give immediate help to casualties with common injuries or illnesses that arise during the school day.  They will take action that will minimise further worsening of any injury or condition.  They will also contact parents to arrange for a child to be collected immediately and taken home.  The school will always call an ambulance in the case of serious injury.

Please note: First Aiders are not qualified to make a medical diagnosis and are not able to treat pre-existing medical conditions, other than dispensing prescribed medication provided by parents or carers. Children should not self-administer any medication; parents must arrange for it to be clearly marked with the child’s name and prescribed dosage and hand it to School Reception with a completed Medical Consent Form (available from School Reception).

It is important that the school has up to date contact numbers for parents. Please ensure that you let us know, in writing or by email to [email protected] if you move house or change your mobile or land line telephone numbers.


FOOD AND DRINK (see also Lunch Time)

The school has a Main Dining Room and a Café for Sixth Formers.

A catering facility is available in the Main Dining Room before school, at break and lunch and again after school.  The Café is open to Sixth Formers throughout the school day.

Menus are displayed in the Dining Room and on noticeboards around the school.  A wide selection of choice is available.  Students may bring their own packed lunch if they prefer.  The Main Hall is available at lunchtime for students with a packed lunch.  Drinking water is available in various areas around school.  Students should bring their own water bottle.


The school is supported by an active Governing Body, made up of parents, staff and members of the local community, who hold regular Full Body and Committee meetings.  Committees are Curriculum, Staffing and Resources.  Please contact the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs N Morrissey, at the school for any further information.


Unless there are exceptional circumstances, requests for holidays during term time will be turned down.  If parents still decide to take their children out of school, then we have no choice but to mark the absence as an unauthorised absence.  Unauthorised absences are dealt with according to County guidelines: if a student has ten unauthorised sessions (equivalent to 5 full school days) a warning letter may be issued by the school’s Attendance Officer.  If there are subsequent unauthorised absences in the following 15 days, a fixed penalty notice may be issued without further warning.

If you need to take your child out of school due to exceptional circumstances, please complete a ‘Leave of Absence Request Form’, well in advance, for consideration by the Head Teacher.


The school’s usual method of sending letters home is via email.  Copies of letters sent to parents are also posted on the school website, under the ‘Parents’ tab > ‘Letters & Communication’.

The school also uses “Connect Ed” which means we can communicate with you by email, text, or smart phone app.  It is most important therefore, that we have up to date parental email addresses and mobile phone numbers.


All students are issued with a personal locker in the first week in September.  Lockers are located around the school in various locations.  All lockers must be emptied at the end of the summer term.  Lost locker keys must be replaced at a cost of £5 per key.


Property that is identifiable will be returned to the student.  Valuable / small items are stored in Student Reception.  All other items are stored in a box near Student Reception.


The school operates a “must remain on school site all day” policy.  Only 6th Form students are allowed to leave site during break and lunch time.


If you need to make a medical appointment please try to make it outside of school hours.  If this is not possible, then your child will need an appointment card or letter from you which they must show to their tutor and to reception staff when signing out.  Students must sign in | out for appointments at Main Reception.


If your child has to regularly take medication, you should inform us as we have strict procedures to follow – please contact the school office on 01453 543618 and ask to speak to a Duty First Aider. All medication must be stored in the First Aid Room; students are not permitted to carry medication in school.


Students are allowed to bring a mobile phone to school for the following circumstances: a) travelling to and from school by themselves; b) young carers who need to be contacted. Mobile phones are not to be used in school – they must be switched off and stored in bags or lockers. Should you need to contact your child in an emergency during the school day, please call the school office and we will get a message to them. Please refer to the school’s Mobile Phone Policy for further details.


The school has an online payment system for school dinners, trips, books, etc which enables you to pay for these items via a secure website;  We will send you an activation letter containing your activation username and password to enable you to setup your ParentPay account.


The school is open to students from 0820 to 1600 hours.  Students are allowed to remain in the LRC for study from the end of lessons until 1600.  They should not be in any other part of the school unless supervised by a teacher.


Details of the school PE kit can be found in the Uniform section of the website.


In general if it is an “admin” type query, then Reception (01453 543618) will often deal with it or pass you on to the most suitable person.

If it concerns your child’s well-being:

Your child’s Community Support Officer should be contacted:

If it concerns your child’s learning then:

The specific subject teacher or tutor.

Following this, the Head of Department or Community Leader may become involved.

Telephone contact can be made at any time but please be aware that, due to teaching timetables, it may not always be possible for you to speak to the teacher immediately.  Reception may ask if you wish to leave a voice message.


To comply with our procedures for the safeguarding of children, all parents and visitors to the school must sign in at Main Reception.  They will then be issued with a visitor’s badge, met and escorted by the member of staff they are meeting.

REGISTRATION (see also Absences, Attendance and Holidays)

Students are required to be registered in the morning and afternoon.  All students arriving late who miss morning registration must sign in the late book in Main Reception prior to going to lessons and they will receive a late mark.


The Main School Office is open from 08.00 -17.00, Monday – Thursday and 08.00 to 16.00 on Friday (during term time). The School Office is open 09.00 to 16.00 during holiday periods, except for Christmas week when the school is closed.


For Years 7 – 12 the school operates a 5 x 60 minute lesson day Monday to Friday:


See Food and Drink


The school buildings and grounds are non-smoking areas.


The school has use of the Sports Centre and its facilities during the school day and then it is available for Community use thereafter.

The school’s All Weather Pitch is also available for Community use outside of school hours.  Further information on hiring the pitch is available from the Main School Office.


Student Reception is situated on the Lower Ground Floor near the Dining Hall.


All students are expected to wear the correct uniform and be neat and tidy at all times.  It is the outward face we present to the community and we expect students to wear sensible and appropriate dress without fashion accessories – this includes hairstyle and footwear.  If your child arrives dressed incorrectly they will be asked to change into correct uniform in school, where supplies are available for short term loan.

A full list of uniform requirements can be found under the Uniform section of the website.


Please keep the school office informed of changes to personal data – address, phone contacts, email, doctors, medical conditions, etc.

Pastoral Information


The school has an Anti-Bullying Policy and does not condone any form of bullying.  If you suspect your child is being bullied, please contact the tutor or Community Support Officer for an initial confidential discussion.


There are a number of lunchtime and after-school clubs; information is posted on the school website, under the ‘Students’ tab > ‘School Clubs’.


Community Support Officers are in school to support your child with any worries or concerns they may have, which are affecting them in school.  Students can see their CSO before school, break or lunchtime.  CSOs may also request to see students during the school day if it is deemed necessary, although this is kept to a minimum to avoid disruption to learning.


There are many computers and laptops that can be used in school. Computers are available in the LRC which is open until 1600 and at homework club.


Letting your child’s tutor know about what your child is doing out of school can also be useful.  Teachers will be able to build on your child’s experiences and skills when at school e.g. hobbies and sport, achievements.  It is also important to let them know about any unexpected changes, illness or bereavement so they can support, if necessary.


These events provide a good opportunity to find out how your child is doing and to ask teachers what you can do to help.  PCMs are held once a year for every Year group in the school, when all subject teachers for a particular year group should be present.

Appointments are made via an online booking systems and parents will be notified by email of the PCM dates and their login details for the system.


A counsellor is in school one day each week, to support students who are struggling emotionally in or out of school.  Students can request a referral by asking the Community Support Officer / Community Leader.

All requests for referrals and all discussions are confidential.


The school recognises the importance of these events.  A variety of trips are organised each year and information regarding each one is sent home individually.


During the first weeks of term your child will get to know their tutor.  This is the person to whom they should go if they are experiencing any difficulties.  Staff will be present during lesson change and social times during the first weeks of term to help with any problems such as finding their way around school.  Students can also call at Student Reception for help and advice or visit their Community Support Officer.

You can help your child settle in quickly by talking to them about school and by checking their Planner every day.  This will assist them in organising themselves for each school day.

There is a Year 7 Parents’ Evening with Tutors in October and the date will be communicated by email to parents early in September.


There are a number of sporting fixtures which take place after school.  A fixture list is published on the school website, under the ‘Student’ tab > ‘School Clubs’.  Students will be informed if there is a cancellation.  The teacher in charge will ensure that all students have arranged a lift home and students may stay in the Reception area until collected.


Students are obliged by law to attend school for 190 school days per year.

There is a structured system of registration both in the morning and afternoon to check on attendance.  In addition, all subject teachers keep a class register which is also checked to ensure that students remain on school site throughout the school day.

Curriculum Information

The school’s curriculum information can be found here


Homework to be completed is recorded in Student Planners.  Marks can be seen in books and some pieces of work may be retained for assessment.  Failure to complete homework without a valid reason may result in an after-school homework detention or catch-up session being set.


Extra-curricular instrumental tuition on a range of instruments and singing tuition is organised by the school.  For further information including tuition charges you should contact the Head of Music, Mr J Andrews.  There are String / Guitar / Flute ensembles, the Orchestra and Swing Band and all perform at school concerts or as a backing for school productions.  They also perform out of school at certain events and take part in music tours in other countries.


These are used for communication between school and home:

  • Students – to record homework details
  • Teachers – for comments of concern or notes of praise / good work
  • Parents – are encouraged to write comments / concerns and to sign the Planner weekly.

There are two different types of reports during the year to parents:

“Interim Assessments” which give target and predicted grades in every subject. These are normally issued three times a year for students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 and twice a year for students in years 11, 12 and 13.

A more detailed “Main Report” which includes written comments from the tutor and attainment grades from all subject teachers.  This is issued annually to all students in Years 7 – 13.

Please feel free to discuss any issues arising from reports with the relevant member of staff.


For support in this area, you are advised to speak to the SENCO at the earliest opportunity and in full confidence.


Subject teachers will normally inform students in advance of any tests.  Revision preparation is normally given as a homework task which students should record in their planners.


Please do let us know if there is anything you feel we have missed, or if anything needs more careful explanation, by emailing [email protected] for the attention of Mrs C Winter.