Controlled Assessment (Coursework) is project based work completed over a longer period of time during lessons.This work, although not done in exam conditions, still contributes to your grade and therefore must be taken seriously.

The coursework contribution to your over grade or even if there is any at all will vary by subject.The expectations will also change between subjects, however the work handed in must be genuine, your own with no external assistance (except what is allowed by the specification) and to your highest standard.

The control over the work you are completing is categorised into the control levels shown below.

High Control: Work must only be done in a supervised, silent, restricted and timed environment. No external assistance or access to other resources is allowed.

Medium Control: Work must be done in supervised conditions however communication and access to external resources is permitted. Time restrictions may or may not be in place. Work must not be completed at home. See the subject specification and documentation for complete details.

Low Control: Work can be completed at home or in unrestricted environments with access to external resources. There is often no time limit. Please see the subject specification and documentation for complete details.