At the heart of our pastoral programme is our community system, providing support and allowing everyone to flourish. Each student is assigned to one of the following communities:


Students in Years 7 to 11 are in mixed aged tutor groups and each tutor group belongs to one of our four communities. The four communities share a common purpose and ethos. Both teaching and support staff are actively involved in supporting tutor groups and promoting the communities.

Tutors and Community Leaders closely follow the development and academic progress of students providing timely support when required. We believe in working in partnership with parents and maintain regular contact through parents’ consultation meetings and our reporting system. We work quickly to involve parents where there are issues or concerns. Rednock is a true community and we are proud of that community spirit. Our ethos is founded on mutual respect and understanding in which the contribution of each individual is valued. The Life Skills, Careers and Student Voice programmes are important vehicles for creating and reinforcing this ethos.


‘Building Bridges’
Community Leader: Mrs. A Brogan


‘Be the best that you can in all that you do’
Community Leader: Mrs. L Merchant


‘Reach for the stars’
Community Leader: Miss A. Dennis


‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’
Community Leader: Mrs. V Wytchard

Useful Links for Parents / Carers and Students

Please click here to read through the Rednock School Sources of Support Leaflet. We have listed a wide range of useful resources to help and support you.

Please click here to access the Pastoral Support Poster, packed full of helpful tips, useful links and services available.