PSHE (Life Skills)

The Life Skills program at Rednock has been designed to explore and understand different aspects of personal wellbeing and economic wellbeing in our modern society. We strive for all our students to become active members of the wider community and will always bring in outside agencies to cover topical issues that are important to us on both a local and national level. We explore different aspects of personal health, relationships, protecting yourself when using modern media, drugs, tobacco and alcohol. All students receive Relationship and Sex lessons where the topic can be discussed at different levels from Year 7 up to the Sixth Form. Through this web page, we will try to make available the latest weblinks to useful information and advice. Notwithstanding this, your child’s tutor, community support officers, the School safeguarding officer and school nurse are always available to talk to.

RSE (Relationship and Sex Education)

A whole school scheme of work is planned to be delivered during life skills lessons across all year groups, these lessons are delivered over the period of one academic year.

Please click here to read through the key topic areas that are covered throughout this academic year.

Useful resources:

The little yellow book is an excellent Gloucestershire reference booklet of where to go for relationships and sexual health advice and guidance.

The little red book is an excellent Gloucestershire reference booklet of where to go for help on emotional health and mental well-being.

Talk to Frank gives you practical advice about the dangers of drugs:

For information about staying safe using digital media, please visit our Online Safety page.