Exam Information for Students


Every student who is starting an examination course from September 2020 must read the following documents

Information for candidates: for written exams  

JQC Information for candidates: for written exams

Information for candidates: non-examination assessments

Information for candidates: using social media and examinations/assessments

Information for Candidates Privacy Notice

JCQ Disqualification Poster

JCQ Warning to Students Poster

Information for Year 10 Students:

Information for Year 11 Students:

Information for Year 12 Students:

Information for Year 13 Students:

Summer Examinations 2021:

12th March 2021 – Please click here for the latest information about Summer 2021 qualifications for Year 11 and Year 13 students.

19th March 2021 – Please click here for the latest information regarding the Year 11 assessment schedule.

Summer 2021 Exam Information 

Information regarding all Summer 2021 exam policies and the forms required for the appeals process can be accessed by clicking here.

Please click here to read an important letter published today (08.07.2021) from the Exams Officer regarding arrangements for results days in August, appeals, postage of certificates in November and the Autumn Exam Series.


GCE A-Level, AS-Level & Level 3 Qualifications Results will be published on Tuesday 10th August 2021

Collection Point: Rednock School Main Hall, entrance via the car park off Rednock Drive

▪ Year 13: 8.30am – 10.30am
▪ Year 12: 11.00am – 12.00pm

GCSE, Level 2 BTEC and Vocational Course Results will be published on Thursday 12th August 2021

Collection Point: Rednock School Main Hall, entrance via the car park off Rednock Drive

▪ Year 11: 8.30am – 12.00pm
▪ Year 12 & Year 13 GCSE Resits & Level 2 qualifications – Results will be posted out via the Royal Mail

The Collection of Results – with regard to social distancing and safety measures:

1. Entry into school will be via the car park off Rednock Drive.
2. Access into school will be via the doors at the back of the Main Hall.
3. If you are arriving by car please use the car park, off Rednock Drive, or the main school car park, then walk around to the Rednock Drive entrance. There will be NO ACCESS through the Main Reception of the school.
4. Only Students will be able to queue to collect their results. Parents/Carers or friends should wait in cars or on the Rednock Drive area for the student to exit the school grounds.
a. Upon entry into the school building, please would you:
b. wear a face mask
c. queue and follow the signage for social distancing
d. use hand sanitisers on entering and leaving the building.
5. Results envelopes will be collected and signed for at a designated station as you enter the building.
6. Members of the Senior Leadership Team and 6th Form Staff will be available for 6th Form registrations or advice on results / subject choices / career decisions, in the Main Hall.
7. Please use the ‘socially distanced’ chairs in the ‘Waiting Area’ until you are able to meet with staff.
8. If Interviews are required with a member of the 6th Form Team, accompanied by a parent/carer, regarding registering for the 6th Form – please speak to Mrs Linda Wright (seated in the Main Hall).
9. On leaving the Main Hall via the exit door, please speak to Mrs Linda Wright regarding your ‘intended destination’ for September 2021 – whether it be University, 6th Form, College, Apprenticeship, or uncertain.
10. Please do not arrange to meet family or friends within the school area. Social distancing and health and safety measures must be observed at all times whilst on site.

If you are unable to collect your results from the school:

You can receive your examination results in one of the following ways:

– By email – for exceptional circumstances where collection is not possible.

– By asking a ‘Representative’ to come and collect them on your behalf e.g. parent, relative, close friend.

To receive your results in one of the ways described above then the student will need to complete the ‘Candidate Permission Form’ and return it to the Exam Office before Wednesday 21st July. This will authorise and give the required information of your chosen method.

All unclaimed results will be posted home on Friday 13th August if they are not collected in person.


There will be the option to resit GCSEs, A levels and some AS levels in the autumn, which may be preferable to some students. The design, content and assessment of these papers will be the same as in a normal year. Who can enter for this exam series?

• If you were entered for a particular subject in the cancelled Summer Exam 2021 series, then you qualify to sit that subject in the Autumn Exam series.

• No new subject entries can be made for this series.

• Only consider an entry if you feel that the grade you have received is not reflective of what you might have achieved had you been able to sit the exam, and does not enable you to get to your chosen destination after leaving school.

• Preparation lessons for this exam series will not be included in the timetabling for September. Revision and preparation will ultimately rest with the student.

Key Dates for AUTUMN SERIES:


Application Form for Entry: Click here

GCE Entries Deadline: 5th September 2021

GCSE Entries Deadline (inc. GCSE English & Maths Resits): 19th September 2021


Students will be expected to pay the Entry Fee. 

The cost of entry for a particular subject can be requested from the Exams Officer.


GCE Exams will run from 4th October to 22nd October

GCSE Exams will run from 15th November to 29th November

GCSE Resit Exams for English Language & Mathematics will take place from 1st November – 8th November

RESULTS will be published January 2022

Examination Officer – Contact Details

Mrs S Sellar

Email: [email protected]

Direct Line: 01453 540720