Parents Evenings


Parents’ Consultation Meetings

Parents’ Consultation Meetings (PCMs) will take place at different times throughout the year for each year group. They are an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s subject teachers to discuss their progress. The meetings happen separately for each year and each population at Key Stage 3 (Right or Left). The dates for these are shown below.

You can access the online booking system by clicking here.

PCM DATES FOR 2017 | 2018

Year 7 Left Population – 14th June 2018 (Booking will open on the 10th May at 9am)

Year 7 Right Population – 19th June 2018 (Booking will open on the 15th May at 9am)

Year 8 Left Population – 26th April 20187 (Booking will open on the 15th March at 9am)

Year 8 Right Population – 1st May 2018 (Booking will open on the 20th March at 9am)

Year 9 Left Population – 30th November 2017 (Booking will open on the 26th October at 9am)

Year 9 Right Population – 5th December 2017 (Booking will open on the 31st October at 9am)

Year 10 Left & Right Population – 22nd February 2018 (Booking will open on the 18th January at 9am)

Year 11 Left & Right Population – 11th January 2018 (Booking will open on the 8th December at 9am)

Year 12 – 6th February 2018 (Booking will open on the 2nd January at 9am)

Year 13 – 25th January 2018 (Booking will open on the 12th December at 9am)

Years 7, 12 & 13 – Meeting by Invitation Only – 12th December 2017

Meetings are booked online through the Parents Evening System.

Login information will be sent to parents before bookings open.

Parents guide to booking appointments online