What is Satchel One (Show My Homework)?

Show My Homework is part of the Satchel One learning platform and is an online homework application. It brings together the three core stakeholders in a school, the teacher, student and parent, providing them with the tools they need to support home-learning in the most simple and effective way.

Here is a reminder of how to log in;


Satchel have a support page for parents with many useful articles. You can find it by clicking here.

If your child is experiencing problems logging in then they should speak to their teacher or school IT Support in the first instance, but please note that we can only offer general guidance about using the Satchel mobile app on smart devices and sometimes you may need to contact Satchel directly at https://help.showmyhomework.co.uk/ContactUs

If you are using Google’s Family Link service to lock down a Chromebook or Android phone then you will probably experience problems with the Satchel One app. Satchel tech support gave us these workaround solutions;

“The first and best way would be to ask the student to log in using a browser on their phone. This provides them with the full experience of the website and is functionally identical to the app bar custom reminders.”

“The second way would be to disable GFL on the device altogether. This will remove the obstacle preventing students from logging into the app using their school Google email. GFL only works for students under the age of 13, so this issue would only affect year 7 and 8 students. Once they reach 13, the GFL restrictions are automatically removed and they ‘graduate’ to a normal Google account.”

Google Device Policy

Starting in June 2024 we’ll be rolling out some security features that Google recommend. If your child signs into a personal Android or Chrome device with their Rednock Google account then they may be prompted to install something called “Google Device Policy”. It is perfectly safe to proceed with the installation. The app doesn’t give us control of your child’s personal device but does allow us to remotely remove school data. This can be particularly useful if that device is lost or stolen. The app will create something called a “work profile” in the apps list, where school Google apps (automatically linked to the school account) can be directly opened. If you’d rather not install Google Device Policy then that’s not a problem – your child can continue to access all their school apps via the web browser as normal.

What is homework?

Staff will communicate all homework and extended learning tasks to students via Satchel:One. Every student has a personal login to access their homework. Homework can be accessed via an open calendar link found on the front page of the school website should there be any log in issues.

Homework is integral to learning and should lead to further learning. Homework is designed and planned to promote independent learners and is integrated and planned into Schemes of Work. A homework task will help students to develop skills and / or knowledge with differentiated support. Homework will be set by the class teacher and will follow the homework timetable agreed with the teacher, guided by the published homework timetable. Students are advised to record their personal homework timetable in the front of their student planner.

What can homework be?

Homework can be any of the following which have been defined to help clarify:

Students further practice skills developed in the lesson or apply theory (ideas). Presentation could include poster, model, powerpoint, etc.

Finding out information to support learning in class. Presentation could be done in the same way to Consolidation.

Checking and improving pieces of work using the Literacy Guide which can be found in the Student Planner.

Key term definitions, spellings, vocabulary, places or facts which may be tested. Techniques like look, cover, write, check should be used.

Reviewing and improving notes (not finishing lesson work). Highlighting key terms and information. Summarising, creating mind maps, revision notes or flash cards. Revision should be active not just re reading.
If students have no set homework they should review and revise work or use specified websites or computer based revision tools.

Exam Practice
Using past papers or sample questions to respond in exam style and constraints. Often completed or reviewed using the mark scheme to guide.

Extended Learning Opportunities
Allow students to take a project based learning approach to allow students to extend and lead their own learning.
Students are able to choose the tasks which most interest them and follow through ideas to conclusions. Students are encouraged to try different ways of working and presenting information using their imagination and creativity.
A student specific focus allows them to develop areas of personal interest. ELO complement the learning in the
classroom. The project / extended approach develops independent study and decision making as well as time management.

How long is homework / extended learning?
As a rough guide, students should spend 1 to 2 hours on homework per evening. This time will obviously need to be flexible to accommodate home life and commitments to things like Clubs. For revision, students should follow best practice of little and often with short breaks e.g. 30 minutes revision, 10 minutes break.
At Key Stage Three, students are expected to read their Accelerated Reader book for a minimum of 20 minutes every evening. Once they have completed it, they should take the quiz on Accelerated Reader and change their book.

Where and when?
Students should work in a comfortable environment which will promote concentration. We are surrounded by distractions but simple steps can be taken like no TV or leaving a phone in another room or putting it on silent, at least. Closing apps like Facebook or disabling alerts on our devices while we work.

Students have access to the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) at lunch times and until 4.00pm Monday to Friday. All the Literacy and ICT resources are available.
Many departments run catch up and revision sessions at various points throughout the year to prepare for assessments and exams.
Homework Club runs in the LRC on Tuesday and Wednesday afterschool for students who want to work on homework or ELO. A member of staff is available to assist students if they need help or advice. All students have access to ICT facilities during this time.

Best device for Homework

We’re often asked questions like “what computer should I buy my child”. Whilst we can’t recommend a specific device our IT Support department has put together this guide to help you decide what’s best for your household;

Computer Advice for Parents

Learning Lines/Bringing in Props/ Researching Around the Topic if Required/Completing Written Scripts

Will be set by teaching staff in line with the class timetable