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January 2018 Inspection

A copy of our published Ofsted Inspection report can be found above.  It is heartening that Rednock School is officially a “good” school.  We continue to drive for success; there are areas were we can and will improve but this is a real endorsement of what we are doing in partnership with you.  It is clear that Inspectors were extremely pleased with the ‘every child matters’ focus and the drive to maintain standards in all aspects of the school.

November 2014 Inspection
What do OFSTED say about us?

This is a GOOD school.

“The Head Teacher and his team are committed to the idea that every student matters and that it is crucial that they are given every support to succeed.”

“Students take a pride in their school. Their attitudes to learning are positive and they show respect for their teachers and others.”

Leadership and Management:

“The Head Teacher and Senior Leaders are very effective in communicating their very high expectations to parents, staff and students. One parent wrote to say: ‘I am very impressed with the ethos of the school and the values the Head Teacher holds and instils in the school community’.”

Students are given clear guidance and careers information and they are generally well prepared for the next stage of their lives in education and employment.”

Behaviour and Safety:

“The school’s work to keep students safe is outstanding. Students know about different kinds of risk, including when using the internet, and how to keep themselves safe. As a result they feel very safe in school.”

“Relationships between students and staff are strong. Students say that adults are available if they need help. They have full confidence that the Community Leaders and the Community Support Officers are always there for them. One Year 11 students told inspectors: ‘This is a good school, you can easily talk to staff and they will help you’.”

The Quality of Teaching:

“Teaching is good. Teachers have very good subject knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject so that they plan interesting activities which are successful in engaging students and promoting good understanding.”

The Achievement of Pupils:

“Achievement of pupils is good. Students make good progress overall in a broad range of subjects. Students’ attainment at five A* to C GCSE grades, including English and Mathematics, is above national averages for their starting points.

“Disabled students and those with special educational needs achieve well. From their different starting points, they make faster progress than similar students nationally. The school is very effective in ensuring equality of opportunity for learning for all groups of students through its rigorous checks on progress and targeted support.”