Transport Operators and Routes:

Taylors Travel (Applegates) – Telephone:01453 810314

Route X1 (Contracted Route): Berkeley, Sharpness, Halmore, Rednock School

Route X1A  (Contracted Route): Slimbridge, Coaley, Dursley, Rednock School

Route X3 (Privately Operated Route): Eastington, Stonehouse, The Stanleys, Frocester, Rednock School

Routes for Saul/Frampton: Students can catch the X3 Applegates (Taylors Travel) bus from Eastington, Claypits to Rednock. Or Catch the No 65 Stagecoach (public) bus leaving Parks Farm to Dursley.

Routes for Quedgeley/Hardwicke: Students can catch the No. 64 Stagecoach bus from Highliffe Drive to Alfred Underwood Way, then change to the No. 65 Stagecoach bus to Dursley. Or Catch the No.12 Stagecoach bus to Gloucester hub and change to the No.65 Stagecoach to Dursley.

This is an update received from Applegates coaches regarding the buses to and from Rednock School commencing 7th September 2022.

AM – the Berkeley Bus will now go via Eastington to take the overload away from the X3 service. The Sharpness bus will run direct still.

PM – the new 62 route decker (64 seats) will be in Bus Station at 1508hrs, it will call into Rednock and take 64 seated students to Eastington firstly and fill remaining seats for Sharpness and Berkeley

The other bus from KLB (83 seater) will call in and take the rest and will also cover Sharpness and Berkeley.

There will be some issues due to which bus gets there first and everyone will want to get on the fast bus, so I presume the 83 seater will arrive first, please assist drivers with loading 83 students, it must be filled before it is sent on its way. We are calling this BUS 1.

The 62 bus will then pull in to take all Eastington students (14 students) then the left overs for Berkeley and Sharpness (34  students)

The x3 bus will now serve Uley and miss Eastington but go to Stanleys and Stonehouse.

If you have any queries, please contact Applegates directly.

Please Note: Students wishing to travel to and from school on the X3 Service must register / book a seat online and purchase the desired ticket before the journey takes place. Please click here for further details for the X3 and here for the Stagecoach service. 

Some parents may be eligible for assistance with transport costs. For detailed information on Home to School Transport contact the Admissions and Transport Team at Gloucestershire County Council on 01452 425390 or visit


Car parking is at a premium on the school site. There are visitor parking bays in the Main Car Park; otherwise there may be spaces available in the car park at the rear of the school by the Sports Centre. Please do not park on the school site to collect children at the end of the day.  Please do not do “U” turns in the entrances; please park considerately in areas outside the school and do not obstruct residents’ access to their properties.


We realise that a number of parents would like their children to cycle to school. However, it is strongly recommended that children should have taken a cycling proficiency course before considering cycling to school. This recommendation should be seriously considered as, ultimately, cycling to school by children is the parents’ responsibility. Parents need to decide as to whether their child is competent to negotiate such hazards as may present themselves on the route from home to school and back. We ask that students adhere to the following guidelines;

  1. Students are advised to attend a Cycle Training Scheme (Bikeability), or cycle with a responsible adult if they have not had training;
  2. Students are expected to maintain their bicycles and ensure they are in good working order;
  3. A cycle helmet (which meets current regulations) MUST be worn when cycling;
  4. Students should be encouraged to wear bright, easily visible clothing;
  5. All cyclists must dismount when entering the school premises and push their bike to the bicycle racks;
  6. The security of bicycles is the responsibility of the parent and student and measures should be taken to protect against theft;
  7. The school accepts no responsibility for the safety of the bicycle while on school premises.

Given the current cost of living crisis, Trainline have put together a guide to the 16-25 Railcard (also known as the Student Railcard or Young Persons Railcard) to help students travel around UK and save money on train tickets.

Please click here to find out more.