Over the last few Years Dursley Neighbourhood Policing Team has been working closely with Rednock School to help prepare students for various issues they could encounter during their life time. Dursley Neighbourhood Policing Team strongly believe that education and prevention is the best direction to help students make the right choice in life. Local Community Officers have given lessons and advice on a range of subjects including, Sexting, Internet Safety, Domestic Abuse, Drug Abuse and Road Safety. Local Officers regularly attend the school during lunch times to positively engage with the students. The idea behind this is for the students to understand the role of the police and to help them build up a strong relationship between them and their local officer. With this strong relationship, hopefully this gives a students who may be in need of help the confidence to speak to their local officer. The work Dursley Neighbourhood Policing Team have done within Rednock School has had a positive effect on reducing Crime and Disorder for the community of Dursley.



Dursley Neighbourhood Policing Team has been working with other agencies to provide a range of leaflets covering different subjects and issues that they might encounter during their lifetime. This includes information on Drugs, Domestic Abuse, Alcohol, Sexting, Internet safety as well as a range of other topics. These leaflets are available at the school’s library.