Exam Certificate Collection – available from Mid-November 2021

Certificates will be available for all examination students from mid November 2021. These are important legal documents. They are required for CVs, job applications and to verify your ‘Provisional Results’ documents.

If Certificates are lost, then replacement certificates would need to be requested from the individual Exam Boards at a cost of up to £45.00 per Certificate. The School is not required to keep Certificates for longer than 12 months, after which time they can be disposed of by the School’s Examinations Officer, under the current JCQ Regulations.

Receipt of Exam Certificates

Any Year 11 or Year 12 students returning to the Sixth Form will receive their Certificates via their Tutor Groups, in school.

Rednock School Leavers

All students who have left Rednock School will receive their certificates in the post, by Royal Mail Special Delivery Service (trackable).

Change of Address

If you do change address, or wish to nominate an alternative address to the one registered currently with Rednock School, please complete and return the ‘Change of Address Form‘ to Mrs Sellar, Exams Officer.

Contact Details:

Mrs Sue Sellar (Examinations Officer), Rednock School, Kingshill Road, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 4BY

Tel: Direct Line 01453 540720

Email: [email protected]